IS-Wireless is actively participating to number of R&D projects funded by the European Commission as well as the National Public Authority (NCBiR). The collaborative research projects deal with 4G, 5G and beyond. Within the frames of 5G-PPP, H2020 and FP7, IS-Wireless works together with such institutions as: Intel, Thales, HHI Fraunhofer, ATOS, NEC, OTE and many more. Locally, IS-Wireless holds strong links with the Warsaw University of Technology as well as Warsaw Military University of Technology and National Institue of Telecomunications.


Project addresses the need of network densification in the complex and dynamic network ecosystem of the future.

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Big data Processing and Artificial Intelligence at the Network Edge

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MORPHEMIC proposes a unique way of adapting and optimizing Cloud computing applications

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Embedded Network Services for 5G Experiences

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European Mobile Network Operator for Research

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ETN in the frame of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks

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Elastic WIreless Networking Experimentation

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FP7 Solder

Spectrum OverLay through aggregation of heterogeneous DispERsed Bands

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5th Generation Non-Orthogonal Waveforms for Asynchronous Signalling

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The extension of multi-criteria LTE MAC scheduler for multiple RAT environment

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LTE eNB Scheduler performance experiments

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Design space exploration and performance testing for PHY and scheduler

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Flexible PHY experiments using Remote Radio and cloud processing

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NVF Framework testing with OpenBaton

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Topics addressed

  • Radio resource management (RRM) and especially resource allocation (MAC scheduling) – 5G Essence, ORCA, TeamUp5G, SD-RAN (national), FP7 Solder
  • Network virtualization and sharing – 5G Essence, EuWireless
  • Selected elements of PHY (e.g. 5G NR) together with spectrum sharing and sensing – EuWireless, eWINE, 5GNOW
  • Providing solutions for composition of VNFs for the virtualized radio stacks – 5G Essence
  • System and link level simulation for 4G and 5G – Triangle, Wishful
  • Experimenting novel radio stack solutions for various verticals – ORCA, 5GinFIRE, Fed4FIRE


  • Baseband PHY waveforms and algorithms for 4G (Rel8+, Rel.10) and (Rel.15)
  • eNB and UE L2-L3 protocols
  • Virtualization of radio stack (SDN and NFV)
  • Radio resource management for 4G, 5G, WiFi and multi-RAT
  • Link-level and system-level simulations of wireless systems


  • Design and development of wireless systems
  • Experimentation and prototyping using SDR (4G/5G)
  • Embedded implementation (FPGA, DSP, GPP)
  • Professional contribution to proposal preparation / Leading WPs and tasks in H2020/EC funded projects

Horizon Europe – (examples calls of interest)

  • HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-05 (Edge Operating Systems)

  • HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-08 (Data-driven Industrial Environments)

  • HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-11 (Trustworthy AI)

  • HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-01 (Internet Architecture and Decentralised Technologies)