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Complete E2E European Open RAN

Software-hardware decoupling and opening of interfaces is a phenomenon well known from other domains such as computers or mobile phones. It always brings more choice at a lower price. This is the long-awaited paradigm shift in RAN business models. On the contrary, single-RAN promoted by the “traditional” vendors is the main reason and cause for the telco industry standstill.

  • Savings of

    ~30 % CAPEX

    ~40 % OPEX

    when compared to “traditional” RAN deployment already demonstrated by Rakuten

  • No vendor lock-in and rich supplier ecosystem

    significantly lowering business risks such as dependency on a single supplier

  • Better security and scalability

    by use of independently managed network functions deployed when needed

Adtran have found IS-Wireless to be collaborative and supportive. We enjoy working with the team who are professional and consistent in their delivery.

Anthony Magee

Senior Director Global Business Development & Mobile Solution Strategy, Adtran

Riga Technical University (RTU) is a new cooperation partner to be involved in Machine Learning applications research for Open RAN architecture. Currently, RTU is developing its 5G Open RAN laboratory as a platform for conducting research on 5G Private Networks. IS-Wireless is RTU’s partner in this endeavor.

Aleksandrs Ipatovs

Riga Technical University

Benetel and IS-Wireless have been successfully collaborating on 5G over multiple years. We appreciate the professional and knowledgeable approach of the team.

Adrian O’Connor

CEO, Benetel

The work we are doing with IS-Wireless is a perfect example of what can be achieved by companies that embrace O-RAN as a means of bringing combined solutions to market that leverage the unique capabilities of each participant

Lorcan Burke

Global Field CTO for Service Providers, VMware