Wireless Software and Hardware platforms for Flexible and Unified radio and network controL


Project overview

The WiSHFUL project will reduce the threshold for experimentation in view of wireless innovation creation and by increasing the realism of experimentation.
– ISW role: ISW was the winner of Wishful 5th Open Call with the project entitled: Flexible PHY experiments using Remote Radio and cloud processing. The Experiment was based on ISW’s newly developed LTE PHY Lab SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Our work was mainly dedicated to implement the cloud-based solution enabling remote LTE/LTE-A modeling and hardware-in-the-loop SDR experimentation.

Role of IS-Wireless

Exercising the LTE PHY Lab SaaS as a whole.

Main contributions

  1. LTE/LTE-A PHY modeling and hardware-in-the-loop experimentation was developed and exploited
  2. Multiple scenarios have been implemented, deployed and analyzed, including: single eNB transmitter, single UE receiver, hardware-in-the-loop scenarios for LTE downlink transmission in single-cell and multi-cell environments
  3. The performed test scenarios allowed to validate LTE PHY Lab SaaS in the environment composed of multiple users requesting advanced and simultaneous signal processing