5G Applications and Devices Benchmarking


Project overview

The TRIANGLE project has developed a framework to help app developers and device manufacturers in the evolving 5G sector to test and benchmark new mobile applications, devices, and services utilizing existing and extended FIRE testbeds. This framework will evaluate Quality of Experience – QoE of new mobile applications, services and devices designed to operate in the future 5G mobile broadband networks – and enable certification for new mobile applications and devices.

Role of IS-Wireless

IS-Wireless was the winner of the Triangle 2nd Open Call with the project entitled “Design space exploration and performance testing for PHY and scheduler”. ISW performed tuning the scheduler of IS-Wireless for improved performance.

Main contributions

  1. Solid research ground on the practical aspects of scheduling. The ISW’s high-granularity scheduling approach has been evaluated in 3GPP-standard compliant environment
  2. LTE PHY Lab algorithms has been validated and improved in terms of decoding and analysis of the 3GPP-standard compliant LTE signals. New functionalities (including SIB2 decoding) has been tested