Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization Testbed within FIRE+


Project overview

SoftFIRE focuses on NFV/SDN aiming at creating a secure, interoperable and programmable experimental infrastructure within FIRE+. The Project is federating experimental testbeds that will result  in an infrastructure that Third Parties can use to develop new services and applications. The federation is a fundamental step towards the creation of a network experimental infrastructure that anticipates 5G.

Role of IS-Wireless

IS-Wireless was the winner of the SoftFire 3rd Open Call with the project entitled “NVF Framework testing with OpenBaton”. The goal of the experiment performed on the SoftFIRE platform was to deploy and validate IS-Wireless proprietary Virtualization Framework with ETSI NFV MANO compliant orchestrator. Virtual Framework is a Virtualized Network Function implementing functionalities (NFs) common to large software projects. Virtual Framework provides the ability to use the APIs for common software libraries over the network and hence allow for rapid prototyping and building of more complex VNFs. During the experiment we validated and proved the Virtualization Framework’ interoperability with OpenBaton MANO orchestrator and performed the KPI measurements for all VNF modules supported by the Framework.

Main contributions

  1. verified the interoperability between OpenBaton orchestrator and each VNF module implemented by the Framework
  2. defined the capacity for each VNF module by measuring the maximum number of instances that can be simultaneously run on a constant number of resources
  3. measured the throughput (number of messages sent per second) for each instance of VNF module
  4. reimplemented and improved some of VNF modules, therefore they cooperate with OpenBaton and work stable and reliable
  5. gained the knowledge and experience on working with ETSI NFV MANO compliant orchestrator, what allows us to better design and improve our NFV solutions