IS-Wireless is coming to Mobile World Congress 2023. 5G innovators to showcase their latest Open RAN developments

February 24, 2023

IS-Wireless, provider of 5G mobile network solutions is coming to Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona to showcase their latest interoperable 5G innovations and highlight the results of their cooperation with industry leaders, including AMD and VMware

IS-Wireless Deploys Innovative Open RAN Solution on AMD Platform

February 23, 2023

IS-Wireless, a 5G mobile network provider, has successfully deployed its Open RAN and 3rd party Core powered by AMD EPYC™ processors […]

CEO of IS-Wireless in Riga: Central Eastern Europe is ready to steer its 5G revolution

December 9, 2022

Central Eastern Europe is a home to enterprises offering cutting edge 5G solutions, ready to take up the task of building the region’s mobile networks[…]

What does the future hold for 5G in the Three Seas Region? Telco market representatives will meet iIn Riga to present scenarios for the development of mobile communication in the region

November 25, 2022

Representatives of the mobile communications sector and experts from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will meet in Riga to discuss the development of fifth-generation networks within the region[…]

Supermicro And IS-WIRELESS Enabling 5G In The Open RAN Model

November 21, 2022

IS-Wireless started a collaboration with Supermicro to deliver a complete ORAN Solution[…]

IS-Wireless and FiduciaEdge join forces to deliver robust and secure private 5G networks

November 15, 2022

IS-Wireless, a European 5G Open RAN mobile network provider, and FiduciaEdge, a Taiwanese trusted Cloud-Native Edge Computing provider[…]

Comarch Launches an Innovative 5G Laboratory with IS-Wireless

November 3, 2022

Comarch has a multi-sector Innovation Space, to which a new 5G network laboratory has been added. In Comarch Innovation Space, you can see how such a laboratory[…]

Open RAN share in total mobile network deployments is only going to grow – experts argue

October 11, 2022

On 3 October, a ‘How Open RAN can open doors to innovation’ webinar was hosted by the UK’s leading authority on advanced digital technologies […]

We are facing a true paradigm shift and need more initiatives promoting open ecosystems – conclusions of Digital Catapult webinar on Open RAN

July 27, 2022

Assuring interoperability and capability for integration of diverse, independent elements is the key to efficient deployment of 5G networks. […]

Digital Catapult unveils five companies to explore the potential of Open RAN technology on its SONIC Labs testbed

July 18, 2022

Digital Catapult, with support from its partner Ofcom, has onboarded five companies to its SONIC Labs programme […]

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