Private Networks

On several occasions, there is a need to deploy physically separated private networks. Examples include connectivity for

  1. Public safety (Police, Municipal Police, Firefighters, Emergency)
  2. Disaster recovery – special form of communications deployed when public infrastructure is not available due to disaster (flood, fire, earthquake)
  3. Airports, which are primarily large areas requiring indoor coverage and capacity to serve roaming customers
  4. Embassies
  5. Hospitals
  6. Private villas
  7. Army camps
Buildings complex network picture

All these example applications require a distinct physical network instance typically with an extra level of security provided on top of the standard mechanisms (e.g., 3GPP authentication and encryption). Thanks to its inherent flexibility and possibility to control (and strengthen) every single element of the processing chain, IS-Wireless’ products are very well suited to build and deploy private networks of the future.