Network Software is depicted in Figure below, additionally reflecting the O-RAN functional partitioning into O-RU (Radio Unit), O-DU (Distributed Unit),  and O-CU (Centralized Unit) and RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller).

Network Software

Radio Access Software (RAN) is a central part of cloud-native, virtualized networking solutions. The Network Software consists of the following product groups:

  1. 5G O-DU (Open RAN Distributed Unit)
  2. 5G O-CU (Open RAN Centralised Unit)
  3. 5G Near-RT RIC (Near-Real-Time Radio Intelligent Controller) together with various xApps
  4. CORE


The software comes with the following services:

  1. Support during installation and on later stages
  2. Maintenance
  3. Trainings – on demand, virtual or onsite


The pricing is based on the scope and size of the network. Contact us to get a quotation for your network.

With the IS-Wireless approach, flexible split and move of 5G NR functions (protocol stack layers) between O-DU and O-CU units is possible. Both:  IS-Wireless Liquid RAN O-CU and O-DU are advanced implementation of O-RAN Central Unit Distributed Unit.

IS-Wireless Liquid RAN Near-RT RIC is an implementation of O-RAN Near Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller. It is an advanced logical function that enables near-real-time control and optimization of RAN elements (i.e. O-DU, O-CU) and resources via fine-grained data collection and actions over the E2 interface. The Near-RT RIC hosts one or more xApps, which are Near-RT RIC applications aimed at RAN or UE control, coordination and optimisation. The Near-RT RIC uses the E2 interface to O-DUs and O-CUs to provide the xApps with necessary information, e.g., Key Performance Measurements (KPM), and to facilitate the xApp RAN control functionality.

Figure support possible split and use of any computing resources