IS-Wireless is proud to inform that our 5G ESSENCE, a 5G-PPP R&D Phase 2 project received a maximal score after evaluation and is selected for funding.

“We are happy to be part of the 5G ESSENCE consortium, which  includes leading European companies and institutions working on 5G. For us this is a continuation of efforts started in 2012 while working within 5GNOW project. Thanks to 5G ESSENCE we will significantly strengthen our position in the development of algorithms and protocols for virtualized 5G Small Cells” says Dr. Slawomir Pietrzyk, IS-Wireless’ CEO.

5G ESSENCE addresses the paradigms of Edge Cloud computing and Small Cell as a Service by fueling the drivers and removing the barriers in the Small Cell market, forecasted to grow at an impressive pace up to 2020 and beyond and to play a key role in the 5G ecosystem.