Sophia-Antipolis (France), 18 May, 2016: IS-Wireless demonstrated its recent developments: LTE eNB scheduler and aLTErnative service during the 2nd Open Air Interface Workshop organized by Eurecom.

LTE eNB Scheduler is an advanced software library realizing functions of a base station scheduler. It is being integrated with OAI open source LTE eNB.

aLTErnative is a revolutionary subscription service providing access to the latest open source LTE protocol stacks complemented with customer-oriented technical support. aLTErnative supports OAI open source LTE eNB.

Demonstration was accompanied by a presentation entitled “Custom eNB scheduler and lessons learnt from OAI development” delivered by Mateusz Jemielity from IS-Wireless. The copy of the presentation is available under the link below:

Custom eNB Scheduler and lessons learnt from OAI development from IS-Wireless