What does the future hold for 5G in the Three Seas Region? Telco market representatives will meet iIn Riga to present scenarios for the development of mobile communication in the region

Representatives of the mobile communications sector and experts from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will meet in Riga to discuss the development of fifth-generation networks within the region. The event is set to take place at the end of November at the initiative of the Polish 5G network provider IS-Wireless, Digital Poland Association (Związek Cyfrowa Polska) and the CEE Digital Coalition.

Invited guests include representatives of companies developing network solutions as well as public administration officials involved in 5G development. Regulators and experts from the Three Seas’ countries  are also expected to be present.

The meeting is intended to enable exchange of good practices and inspiration in the field of next-generation networks. It should also provide an overview of the current regional and market situation in this regard – announced Michał Kanownik, President of Digital Poland, leader of the CEE Digital Coalition, who will be the moderator of the upcoming event.  He added that the identification of potential scenarios for 5G development in Central and Eastern Europe is one of the meeting’s objectives. – We want to engage a large audience in a discussion on the future of mobile communication and, above all, to consider possible scenarios for the development of 5G in the region on the basis of activities which are being undertaken today. We hope that our meeting will allow us to establish and to deepen cooperation on this issue within the region – Kanownik noted.

The event was granted the official patronage of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The 3SI region with its high level of human capital, favourable business regulations and creative start-up ecosystems and clusters has a huge potential to become one of the major global centres for the development of digital solutions – stated Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paweł Jabłoński.

According to Jabłoński, the open model for the next-generation networks’ construction presents an opportunity for the Three Seas’ region in the field of telecommunications.

We should move from licensing and customizing somebody’s products towards creating our own safe and innovative technologies – he assessed.

Private sector and regulators at one table

The event’ slogan #5GMadeTogether is promoted by IS- Wireless. The Polish company has long argued for the creation of next-generation networks in an open model. They advocate  using the Open RAN approach, as it allows a larger number of players to be involved in the process of the networks’ construction – including local entities. Moreover it is also going to increase security and reduce the risk of becoming dependent on a single supplier.

Innovative, advanced 5G solutions in the Open RAN model are being developed in our region, including Poland. They can be successfully used for the deployment of mobile networks in the entire region. It is high time to discuss how to fully exploit their potential.  Increase in the share of Open RAN solutions in total deployments is going to ensure the security of our networks and boost the local market and competition – said IS-Wireless’ CEO, Sławomir Pietrzyk.

The round-table meeting is scheduled to take place on 29 November in Riga, Latvia. It is organised as a partner event to the 5G Techritory Forum 2022. Last year’s Forum was attended by almost 2,600 people from 111 countries.

For 5 years now, 5G Techritory has been a venue for leaders in 5G decision-making to come together and jointly build the European future 5G reality. For this reason, we are thrilled to host the roundtable discussion on 5G in the Three Seas region. We see deep alignment in goals and conviction that together we are able to accomplish more – stressed Director of 5G Techritory Neils Kalnins.