Three Seas’ digital industry calls for close business cooperation in cybersecurity and 5G deployment

Digital industry representatives called for development of a structured, multinational platform of cooperation between Central Eastern European enterprises in cybersecurity and 5G branches, based on the Three Seas Initiative framework during the Three Seas Business Forum in Riga.

We wish to help in creating means for regional cooperation in these crucial fields – stated Michał Kanownik, president of the board of Digital Poland Association and representative of CEE Digital Coalition, a gathering of digital industry associations from the countries of Central Eastern Europe.

Issues of cybersecurity and deployment of 5G mobile networks were amongst the key topics of discussion sessions between industry representatives, taking place at the Three Seas Summit and Business Forum in Riga, Latvia. The meeting featured regional experts, including representatives of digital industry associations involved in the CEE Digital Coalition project initiated by Digital Poland Association, aiming to deepen the cooperation and boost digital transformation across Three Seas’ countries.

A growing threat

Participants of the discussion were in agreement about the threat posed by the increasing number of cyberattacks and cybersecurity incidents in the Three Seas. Particular uptick of hostile activity online has been recorded since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to cybersecurity experts gathered in Riga, cooperation in scope of sharing incident data and closer business relations in this particular branch of the digital industry as well as coordination of related political activity should be a common priority.

Cybersecurity forces of our countries should partake in joint exercises and share their experience just the way traditional military forces train together on a regular basis. The Three Seas Initiative ought to be a platform for business cooperation but also for those providing our national and regional security – said Virgilijus Dirma, Head of European Union and International Relations at Lithuanian DigiTech Sector Association INFOBALT.

Representatives of the CEE Digital Coalition assured the digital industry’s will to support the region’s leaders in creating the foundation for cybersecurity cooperation in Central Eastern Europe.

As a coalition of the digital industry of the Three Seas countries, we are ready and hope to help our national authorities in fostering an environment for dynamic growth of cybersecurity branch and share our knowledge and experience – said Michał Kanownik, president of the board of Digital Poland Association and initiator of CEE Digital Coalition project.

Security and connectivity

According to experts gathered in Riga, not only cybersecurity deserves the attention of the region's leaders. They believe development of 5G mobile networks should also make it to the top of Three Seas’ digital agenda. Adoption and development of 5G technology can also benefit greatly from a close cooperation in the Initiative and should rely on solutions built in the region as much as possible.

To cover our mobile networking needs, funds are spent mostly outside of the Three Seas. Meanwhile, innovative, original 5G solutions capable of answering the region’s demand are being created in our countries as we speak. Now more than ever, we need to work closely together amongst businesses and authorities to develop mobile networks. Our region enjoys a truly unique potential to host a vibrant 5G ecosystem thanks to world-class engineers and experts – Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO of IS-Wireless, a provider of complete 5G solutions commented.

Speakers highlighted the universal and fundamental nature of mobile connectivity and tools of digital transformation for 3SI’s economies.

 Energy, transport, infrastructure, and digital transformation are commonly mentioned as separate priority development areas in the Three Seas. This approach should be updated, as the digital aspect is now a part of every single branch of the region’s economy and social life. None of the above fields can grow without digitisation – Petar Ivanov, CEO American Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria concluded.