IS-Wireless is pleased to share two recent product developments:

Real signal analysis in LTE PHY Lab. Our flagship link-level simulator can now decode commercial eNB signals. The new feature developed within EU projects 5GNOW and SOLDER is powered by GUI that contains easy and convenient one-click analysis of LTE signal. You can find more details under this link –

HetNets and Carrier Aggregation in LTE MAC Lab. Our system-level simulator models behavior of HetNets environment. With variety of eNBs parameters it is able to create macro-, pico and femto-cells – together in one simulation. LTE MAC Lab also supports LTE-A Feature – Carrier Aggregation. Simulator can aggregate up to 5 Component Carriers which gives maximum bandwidth of 100 MHz. You can find more details under this link – 

We hope you will find all the new features useful.