Poland’s first Open RAN 5G network for industry 4.0 built using local solutions

The first Open RAN 5G private network for industry 4.0 in Poland has been officially launched in Cracow. It marks the beginning of the next generation of mobile networks implementations for industrial purposes in the country. Pioneer installation, implemented by hubraum, Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator, uses Radio Access Network (RAN) provided by local, Polish 5G solutions vendor, IS-Wireless.

Functioning of Poland’s first industry-grade Open RAN 5G network operating at the Hub4Industry in the Astor Robotics Center has been inaugurated. The network was co-developed by hubraum tech incubator, IS-Wireless, Benetel and T-Mobile. According to the team at IS-Wireless, more 5G implementations for industry 4.0 using the provider’s Open RAN solutions are coming.

5G providers active locally, recognised globally

The 5G network has been developed in the Open RAN model allowing to combine solutions by multiple vendors. The Radio Access Network portion of the installation has been provided by IS-Wireless, a Polish 5G vendor specialized in Open RAN solutions, while its Core was delivered by T-Mobile and remote radio units are the work of Benetel. Although the implementation is the first of its kind in the country, IS-Wireless is looking to impact the global 5G market – We are proud to be at the Polish forefront of 5G implementations. We are already involved in more implementations, bringing forth the industry 4.0 revolution, by providing our solutions to customers looking to transform their organizations in the country and abroad. – says Rafał Sanecki, Head of Marketing at IS-Wireless. – Our work is aligned with global changes taking place in the telecommunications. Dell’Oro agency claims that Open RAN’s share in the mobile networks market is growing. In fact, revenue generated by Open RAN is estimated to reach 15 percent of the entire RAN market by 2026. – Rafał Sanecki adds.

Network’s launch marking the beginning of industry’s transformation

Experts believe that networks such as the one launched in the Hub4Industry at the Astor Robotics Center may soon appear in greater numbers in Poland – Companies across the Polish market are looking forward to implementing private 5G networks. Dedicated radio frequency band will soon be available for this purpose according to the national regulator. We will gladly answer to the needs of the transforming Polish industry – Rafał Sanecki, Head of Marketing at IS-Wireless comments.

– Indeed, the upcoming regulatory framework for building private 5G networks may lead to an interesting shift in the industry. Open RAN solutions seem to be a perfect fit for the industry 4.0 and local governments. The situation at hand is also very promising for hubraum, because of the new opportunities appearing for startups and small and medium enterprise. There is a lot of promising opportunities in this area, including development of network optimization applications, ensuring cybersecurity and of course building and maintaining new networks

says Wojciech Pawlak, technology expert at hubraum.

The official launch of Poland’s first industry 4.0 5G network was held on May 25th and featured representatives of partners running the project as well as Alex Choi, Chairman of the O-RAN ALLIANCE, a world-wide community of mobile operators, vendors, and research & academic institutions with the mission to re-shape Radio Access Networks to be more intelligent, open, virtualized and fully interoperable.