IS teams up with Sundance Multiprocessor Technology (SMT) to support customers in the design and implementation of optimised wireless access systems. IS cutting-edge implementations, such as LTE PHY Lab and WiMAX PHY Lab, will be offered together with the Sundance LTE and WiMAX DSP/FPGA multiprocessor-based developer’s platforms.

About Sundance

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology (“SUNDANCE”) is the leading supplier and manufacturer of advanced digital signal processing (DSP), Multicore, FPGA and reconfigurable COTS systems.

Sundance’s FPGA, DSP, data acquisition and development hardware solutions are configurable to suit all high performance embedded computing and modular signal processing applications, enabling the rapid prototyping and the deployment of rugged embedded systems (PCI, PCI Express, PCI/104-Express, 3U PXI Express, Compact PCI, VME/VXS and standalone small form factors).

Designers and manufacturers of wireless infrastructures, satellite communications, industrial signal processing, sonar/radar, software defined radio (SDR), multimedia and telecommunications, all depend on the flexibility of Sundance’s mixed DSP+FPGA platforms and systems to get their products to market – FAST!