Open RAN World: IS-Wireless and Advantech are presenting joint solution

IS-Wireless and Advantech have partnered to deliver end-to-end mobile networks in the Open RAN model, supporting macro stations and indoor implementations. Use cases include private networks for Industry 4.0, smart city, and public safety. The solution is presented at the Advantech’s booth #21.

At the heart of the network solutions lies network software reflecting all important telecom functionalities. Network Software from IS-Wireless runs on Network Hardware, which includes COTS Edge Servers from Advantech and connected Radio Units. The offering is complemented with Installation Service.

A fully virtualized solution with functions including DU, CU and RU and nearRT RIC can be deployed as separate containers on a single Advantech SKY-8000 Series Edge Server. This series of carrier-grade servers has been designed for a perfect balance between performance, density and ruggedness at the telco edge to meet high availability network needs.

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