Networkin 2012 - Prague

Dr Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO of IS-Wireless, has delivered a tutorial entitled: LTE Radio Network Planning during the Networking 2012 conference which was held in Prague, Czech Republic, on the 21st of May, 2012. 


LTE radio interface (i.e., E-UTRA) is build around OFDMA, SC-FDMA and MIMO. This is a different set of radio transmission techniques than the one used in the previous 3GPP standards (such as GERAN or UTRAN). OFDMA and SC-FDMA allow to utilize the parallelism in the frequency domain and to manage the spectral resource with the high level of granularity. MIMO provides yet another domain, namely space. These schemes cause the radio planning process for LTE to be different from the previous standards. In this tutorial, we highlight the most important differences in the radio interface architecture, draw conclusions on how they impact the process of radio network planning and formulate a basic set of recommendations on how to deal with these differences. 

Presentation is available HERE.