On the March 15th 2018, IS-Wireless has attended the final review of the F4F+ experiments founded under the Open Call2. The meeting was organized by the IMEC (F4F coordinator) in Paris at the Sorbonne University.

Our company has presented summary of results of the experiment called “LTE eNB scheduler performance experimentation”, which aimed at evaluating the proprietary resource scheduler (MAC) for LTE designed and developed by our company. IS-Wireless’ scheduler supports carrier aggregation (CA) and the FAPI interface and thus can support scenarios with more than single carrier component (CC) used in parallel by user terminals (which support CA functionality). The scheduler was verified and validated in the “performLTE” testbed in University of Malaga (Spain), which provides advanced testbed offering among all: expressMIMO2 SDR (Eurecom), USRP SDR (National Instrumets/Ettus Research) and most recent smartphones (e.g. Samsung, HTC) which support the required 3GPP features analysed (the CA was introduced in 3GPP Rel.10). To perform our experiments we have been using the OAI eNB open-source eNB. More information on the scheduler can be found at https://is-wireless.com/small-cells/lte-enb-scheduler/