LTE-Advanced Workshops IS-Wireless

IS-Wireless invites ÿou to the series of LTE-Advanced Workshop, which will take place at the following Universities:

14.11.2011 (Monday)

Place: Warsaw University of Technology, WETI, hall 413a
Time: 11.00-16.30

15.11.2011 (Tuesday)

Place: AGH University of Science and Technology, Building B1, hall 015.
Time: 9.00-14.30

16.11.2011 (Wednesday)

Place: Wroclaw University of Technology, Building C-4, hall 38/39
Time: 12.00-16.00

17.11.2011 (Thursday)

Place: Poznan University of Technology, Polanka 3, hall 101
Time: 9.45-13.30



LTE-Advanced – theoretical part – 3h

1. 3GPP Systems’ evolution path (0.5h)
a.  LTE releases’ features
b.  Radio interface features (release 8/9 and release 10)

2. LTE Release 9 Features (0.5h)
a.  MBMS (broadcasting services)
b.  SON (self organizing networks)
c.  LCS (services based on UE localization)

3.  LTE-Advanced Release 10 Features (1h)
a.  Carrier aggregation (concept and options)
b.  New multi-antenna techniques in downlink and in uplink
c.  LTE Relays
d.  Heterogeneous networks (HetNets)

4.   Future LTE-Advanced Release 11 features (0.5h)
a.  CoMP (network MIMO concept)
b.  MTC (internet of things)

5.   LTE-Advanced deployment (0.5h)
a. Possible migration steps

LTE-Advanced – practical part – 1.5 h

1.  LTE-Advanced PHY layer case studies based on LTE PHY Lab (0.5h)
2.  LTE MAC layer case studies based on 4G System Lab (0.5h)
3.  LTE radio network case studies based on 4G System Lab (0.5h)

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