IS-Wireless will deliver 5G network for Industry 4.0 in Krakow

Deployment of the very first 5G network based on Polish technology begins. It will be built in Krakow Technology Park as a campus network serving projects in the field of robotics and automatization. It is also the first time IS-Wireless delivers and deploys its 5G technologies in real life, after successful launch during MWC’21 in Barcelona.

IS-Wireless has been selected as a supplier of 5G network solution by Hubraum – the technological incubator of Deutsche Telekom AG. IS-Wireless will be responsible for installation and integration of its 5G RAN with local customer infrastructure. The deployment will be located in Hubraum’s showroom (The Factory of the Future) hub4industry at ASTOR Robotics Center in Krakow. The spot has been chosen for a good reason. This is where Hubraum supports European innovators by running projects in the field of robotics and automatization under the hub4industry Digital Innovation Hub umbrella. According to Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO of IS-Wireless, work starts this week and will last for a couple of months.

This summer we are fulfilling our promise about the first 5G network deployment based on Polish technology. This will be a campus networks operating in the demanding context of Industry 4.0. We are very proud to collaborate with Hubraum, who is a recognized technological innovator. Nothing will stop us – there are new cases waiting in the pipeline– says Slawomir Pietrzyk.

Kraków’s 5G network will apply open ecosystem model

5G network, completely deployed by IS-Wireless, will be built in an open model known as Open RAN. It is the latest trend in developing 5G networks implemented around the world. It gains attention in Poland as well. As pointed out by IS-Wireless, in contrast to the traditional model, it allows many more entities to participate in building the network.

This makes it an opportunity for the growth of innovative companies, such as our own. Up to this point, the market has been dominated by a selected few of the largest players. It can change now – notices Slawomir Pietrzyk.

He emphasizes that the open model, if appropriately managed, will grant a higher level of cybersecurity.

For that reason, we have recently entered into a pioneering project with the National Institute of Telecommunications and Warsaw University of Technology. In our solutions we apply latest mechanisms not only from 3GPP and ETSI but also O-RAN Alliance. Cybersecurity is one of the key differentiators of our products – mentions CEO of IS-Wireless.

5G by the Polish company will facilitate the activity of the Factory of the Future

The network built in partnership with Hubraum will consist of 5G RAN (Radio Access Network) provided by IS-Wireless and 5G Core provided by T-Mobile. Everyone visiting the Kraków-based hub4industry showroom will be able to use the network. The showroom is a space for entrepreneurs, and it was designed by experts from ASTOR and Hubraum. It demonstrates the key areas of so-called the Factory of the Future – a modern production facility

Hubraum’s mission is to support advanced technological solutions and create infrastructure, which allows development of products of the future. Thanks to know-how of experts from T-Mobile, we were able to build a place welcoming startup using the 5G technology. The Factory of the Future does not only allow to run tests and work using Edge Computing and Campus Network technologies, but also to raise awareness of Industry 4.0 – says Wojciech Pawlak, tech expert at Hubraum – We can already show several solutions operating thanks to our partnerships. An example would be Indoorway, allowing to track and understand paths taken by employees and machines moving around a production plant. There is also Optimatik, developing navigation solutions and automatization of production plant processes. Thirdly, Cthings solves issues with industry devices, while assuring safety of the workforce and robots. All of this is based on integrating machines with the 5G network. Having hub4industry Digital Innovation Hub in the project let us cooperate in building an ecosystem of organizations willing to take advantage of all the benefits of Campus Network technology – he adds. – We are glad to see that more companies want to showcase their solutions in our showroom – not in a workshop room, not in a hotel conference room, but in a living, evolving production facility instead – says Bartosz Jozefowski, deputy director for Industry 4.0 at Kraków Technology Park, a leader of hub4industry Digital Innovation Hub. – We invite all entrepreneurs wishing to bring change to their companies and interested in seeing live how this change might look like. Here, we present all of these ideas in a form of tangible, specific examples – he highlights.

Polish 5G deployed beyond Poland

The Kraków 5G campus network will be the first of its kind. However, IS-Wireless declares more implementation cases to take place this year. Slawomir Pietrzyk admits that his company is in touch with partners from the EU as well as USA and Asia. IS-Wireless is thinking globally. The company targets 5 percent of the global Open RAN market over the next three years.