IS-Wireless raises 14 million PLN to support development of SD-RAN for 5G mobile networks

ISN Ltd, a company belonging to IS-Wireless group, raised 14 million PLN (3.8M USD), which included 11 million PLN grant from the Polish National Center for Research and Development and 3 million investment from private funds. ISN Ltd. is dedicated to R&D leading to design, implementation and deployment of Software-Defined Radio Access Network (SD-RAN) for future mobile systems (including 4G and 5G). 

“5G is not just about 5G NR, being a <<new>> radio interface. It is primarily about significant reduction of the cost of delivering [GB] of data. We believe this can only be achieved through softwarization of RAN, which is typically the most demanding part of the network, combined with innovative approach to managing radio resources. We are extremely proud to secure funds for this product as we have been working for this over the last two years. With more than 10 years of experience in 4G and 5G, unique team competences and support from investors we are well equipped to become the global provider of SD-RAN infrastructure in the rising 5G market.” says Dr. Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO at IS-Wireless. 

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