IS-Wireless, provider of 5G mobile network solutions is coming to Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona to showcase their latest interoperable 5G innovations and highlight the results of their cooperation with industry leaders, including AMD and VMware- We are excited to demonstrate our commitment to open networks and support for the growth of Open RAN, by joining our partners and looking for new cooperation opportunities during the MWC in Barcelona – IS-Wireless’ team says.

Fruitful partnerships bring solutions for different applications

According to the team of experts at IS-Wireless, they will be showcasing a whole range of solutions and innovations ready to satisfy the needs of both private networks and large-scale 5G rollouts, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – We have a lot in store for MWC 2023. We are happy to discuss our collaboration with AMD and the successful rollout of our Open RAN solutions based on AMD EPYC™ processors, making the most of containerization and bringing forth a highly transparent software structure. We will also use the opportunity to showcase the results of integration of our 5G RAN software  – O-DU and O-CU network functionalities – on Supermicro servers– experts at IS-Wireless say. – Also, those looking to put the efficiency of solutions to the test will be happy to learn about the work VMware and we have done on integration of our O-DU with VMware RIC to monitor and dynamically control resources available to RAN slices. – they add.

IS-Wireless plans to engage in presentations and showcases at their partners’ exhibition booths, expand their network, exchange experiences with global peers and draw attention to their solutions during the upcoming event – We are very excited to highlight the outcomes of our hard work on making 5G networks truly interoperable and open via our solutions ready to be tailored to the needs of small and large networks and to be deployed on a wide range of hardware. We hope to see the discussion on Open RAN, its future and significance as a part of the event’s agenda. MWC will be the place to tune into the collective mind of the mobile networks industry and see how our peers and competitors approach the future of connectivity. We can not wait to share our vision in Barcelona– experts say.

Networks built by networking

IS-Wireless will also look to discuss the future of 5G and beyond and search for opportunities to partner up for joint projects during the upcoming conference in Barcelona – Cooperation and exchange of ideas is one of our core at IS-Wireless. We will be available for and looking to set up meetings with new potential partners as well as old friends in Barcelona – says Sławomir Pietrzyk, CEO and Founder of IS-Wireless.

Mobile World Congress 2023, scheduled for February 27 – March 2 in Barcelona, Spain brings together more than eighty thousand attendees from all over the globe to shape the future of mobile networks during debates, showcases and exhibitions. – There is no better place and time to present the hard work we have done with our partners on delivering Liquid RAN solutions and more than the upcoming MWC in Barcelona. We are excited to be a part of one the most significant events for the industry – says Slawomir Pietrzyk.

About IS-Wireless:

IS-Wireless develops and delivers 5G mobile networks in the Open RAN model. The company is a provider of software and hardware necessary for building networks in the scope of both RAN and Core. IS-Wireless company has been recognized as one of a few European RAN vendors by leading telco operators in their report “BUILDING AN OPEN RAN ECOSYSTEM FOR EUROPE”.