Warsaw: IS-Wireless, a Warsaw-based IPR provider, announces the availability of the first LTE-Advanced baseband reference library for MATLAB – LTE PHY Lab v.2. The product is released as a MATLAB Toolbox and brings new 3GPP Release 9 and 10 functionalities to already well-established LTE PHY Lab v.1 implementing 3GPP Release 8. LTE PHY Labs can be used at all stages of the software, hardware and IPR development, from research, prototyping and implementation, up to system benchmarking, verification and testing. 

Addition of LTE-Advanced features to LTE PHY Lab is a consequence of our strong commitment to keep our roadmap up-to-date with the recent standardization and market developments. We are happy to be the first on the market offering the MATLAB toolbox with LTE-Advanced and one of a few offering advanced design and evaluation solutions for LTE.” – says IS-Wireless’ CEO, Dr. Slawomir Pietrzyk.

More information can be found under this link: https://is-wireless.com/lte-phy-lab/

About IS-Wireless: 

IS-Wireless is an IPR provider and software developer specializing in OFDM/OFDMA-based radio interfaces. Our portfolio includes implementations of PHY layers for 3GPP LTE and mobile WiMAX. This is complemented by a set of design services targeted mainly at 4G operators and manufacturers. As experts working with OFDM/OFDMA since 1998, we truly believe in the success of these techniques and are fully committed to 3GPP LTE, aiming at solutions for LTE Advanced.