IS-Wireless, a 4G LTE software and IP provider based in Poland announces a partnership with DataSoft, a US company from Arizona. DataSoft brings on board its Thunder SDR Development System to become a hardware platform for prototyping and operation of LTE STACKS from IS-Wireless. At the same time both companies become mutual re-sellers and support each other’s marketing actions.“We’ve been collaborating with DataSoft for some time already and this announcement just makes it public. We are using DataSoft’s Thunder SDR as a hardware platform for our LTE STACKS to form a very powerful, yet flexible SDR development system for all customers willing to implement LTE/LTE-A modems in their devices.”, says Dr. Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO of IS-Wireless.


LTE STACKS are advanced software libraries realizing functions of L2 and L3 protocols. They are written in ANSI C according to the latest 3GPP E-UTRA Rel. 10 with backward compatibility with Rel. 8 and 9. LTE STACKS are key software elements of 4G modems for LTE/LTE-A mobile terminals (smartphones, tablets, USB dongles, laptops, etc.) and small cell base stations (femto-, pico-, micro-cells). Target group of customers include silicon vendors, ODMs, OEMs, integrators and research institutions.

About Thunder SDR Development System

The Thunder Software Defined Radio (SDR) Waveform Development and Test System is an affordable, wide-band, high performance baseband and RF development and test platform. Thunder is a full duplex COTS solution providing signal communications systems engineers and waveform developers with a fully functional, reconfigurable radio development platform. The direct conversion architecture provides continuous RF coverage over the full operating range.