IS-Wireless announces availability of 4G University Suit

Warsaw, 06.11.2011 — IS-Wireless, an IPR provider and software developer specializing in LTE/LTE-Advanced, announces today availability of 4G University Suite, a platform for research and education on LTE/LTE-Advanced and WiMAX, designed especially for universities and educational institutions. 4G University Suite is based on the IS-Wireless flagship products: LTE PHY Lab, WiMAX PHY Lab and 4G System Lab. A selection of these products is complemented with additional material such as programs for university laboratory classes, courseware for supporting lectures and formulation of M.Sc. or Ph.D. projects. 

Here is sample of what our recent customers say about our tools applied in research and educational laboratory environment:  

“With this tool, students can observe, and most importantly, change what you normally see only in books, namely, the parameters and physical signals of LTE. Thus they can learn the foundations of LTE, including OFDMA, SC-FDMA and MIMO processing. Moreover, IS-Wireless help and suggestions have proven to be as important as the tool itself. These consultations together with the evaluated scenarios result in a great educational material.” Jaroslaw Medwid, recent M.Sc. graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Telecommunications. 

More information can be found under this link:  

About IS-Wireless: 

IS-Wireless is an IPR provider and software developer specializing in OFDM/OFDMA-based radio interfaces. Our portfolio includes implementations of PHY layers for 3GPP LTE and mobile WiMAX. This is complemented by a set of design services targeted mainly at 4G operators and manufacturers. As experts working with OFDM/OFDMA since 1998, we truly believe in the success of these techniques and are fully committed to 3GPP LTE, aiming at solutions for LTE Advanced.