IS-Wireless announces a public schedule for LTE & LTE-Advanced courses

Warsaw, Poland – 9 November, 2011. IS-Wireless, a Warsaw-based IPR provider, announces a public schedule for LTE & LTE-Advanced courses. A comprehensive portfolio of courses targeted at key 4G techniques and systems will be offered in various locations including: Barcelona, Moscow, Riyadh, Singapore and Warsaw.

By being active in system design and network planning for LTE and WiMAX, we are able to provide a rare mixture of great theoretical treatment together with a very practical approach. This truly leads to a solid return on investment for our customers. As experts, we are providing unrivalled post-course support.


Here is what course participants say about our courses:

“The LTE instructor was very good, clear and always had an answer for all the doubts and questions.”
“As a new designer I got a really good insight to the theoretical stuff, knowing what I’m actually doing.”
“Extremely good instructor. Very competent and professional. “

Why our courses:

  • all our trainers are also experienced engineers — we talk about the systems that we build ourselves
  • the courses are very interactive and practical, enriched by a number of hands-on exercises
  • we broadly utilize tools supporting the process of analysis, planning and evaluation of the LTE radio interface and network
  • the tools include link-level simulators, system-level simulators and radio network planning tools (set of tools depends on the course)
  • we provide unrivalled post-course support

About IS-Wireless:

IS-Wireless is an IPR provider and software developer specializing in OFDM/OFDMA-based radio interfaces. Our portfolio includes implementations of PHY layers for 3GPP LTE and mobile WiMAX. This is complemented by a set of design services targeted mainly at 4G operators and manufacturers. As experts working with OFDM/OFDMA since 1998, we truly believe in the success of these techniques and are fully committed to 3GPP LTE, aiming at solutions for LTE Advanced.