IS-Wireless and FiduciaEdge join forces to deliver robust and secure private 5G networks

IS-Wireless, a European 5G Open RAN mobile network provider, and FiduciaEdge, a Taiwanese trusted Cloud-Native Edge Computing provider, are introducing an integrated solution to the US, EU, and Asia markets. As a result of their cooperation, customers will enjoy robust and secure mobile private networking based on Open Radio Access Networks (O-RAN). By offering strong information isolation and high availability computing, the trusted Cloud-Native Edge Computing platform will endow the 5G O-RAN networks with reliable transport and end-to-end data privacy.

Open RAN is becoming a mainstream approach in building LTE/5G mobile networks. It ensures interoperability among hardware and software platforms, and thus enable the reduction of CAPEX and OPEX by as much as 40% in comparison with the traditional mobile network solutions. However, the disaggregation of vertically integrated Radio Access Networks (RANs) and the sharing of communication resources significantly increases the need to enforce system-level information isolation and reduce the attack surfaces of these software-controlled systems. Together, IS-Wireless and FiduciaEdge aims at offering state-of-art solutions to address these needs. The two companies will help each other to expand their home markets in Europe and Asia. They will also launch coordinated efforts to increase their US market presence.

From technical perspective, IS-Wireless offers containerized O-CU (Central Unit) and O-DU (Distributed Unit) as well as Near-RT RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) modules in the form of Cloud-Native Network Functions (CNFs). In complement, FiduciaEdge offers a Trusted Edge Computing Platform that can run CNCF-compliant software modules with system-level information isolation on Ubuntu/OpenWRT operating systems and provides Kubernetes-based management and orchestration (MANO) over the multi-tier distributed system. Together, IS-Wireless and FiduciaEdge will integrate their solutions to offer 5G private mobile networking for smart factories, hospitals, and local communities. These Open RAN based systems will consist of a trustworthy OCI-compatible Edge Computing platform and a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) complaint container orchestration infrastructure for managing and executing Open RAN software modules.

IS-Wireless founder and CEO, Dr. Slawomir Pietrzyk said:

“IS-Wireless, through its partnership with FiduciaEdge is significantly strengthening the security of its new class of disaggregated cloud-native RAN. We believe that FiduciaEdge’s excellence in trustworthy edge computing and their strategic location in one of the world’s foremost hardware hubs will enable IS-Wireless O-RAN functionalities to be deployed seamlessly and securely over a wide-range of hardware platforms.”

FiduciaEdge founder and CTO, Dr. John Zao said:

“FiduciaEdge has been collaborating with multiple Taiwan industrial computer and telecommunication equipment manufacturers to provide trustworthy Cloud-Native Computing platforms that can be used in smart city, smart manufacturing, and connected healthcare applications. By working with IS-Wireless, FiduciaEdge will extend its offering into the realm of 5G O-RAN networking. In the long term, the strategic partnership between the two companies will provide a broad range of mobile communication services from private community networks and neutral hosting to secure end-to-end slicing.”