5G by IS-Wireless put to the test in Germany

IS-Wireless has successfully completed thorough testing of their complete network solution including Radio Intelligent Controller (RIC) during the O-RAN Global PlugFest Spring 2023 hosted by Deutsche Telekom in the i14y lab in Berlin. The company participated in a series of interoperability tests with 15 other vendors.

This year the PlugFest showcased a diverse array of testing scenarios, including O-RU conformance, end-to-end tests, RIC test cases, and various other use cases. One of the aims of the event was to assess the implementation of energy-saving xApps on the RIC. Additionally, vendors had the chance to evaluate interoperability with various radio unit vendors.

Participants of the event worked on a total of 10 test scenarios replicating real-life use cases, utilizing the unique capabilities of labs and companies involved.

We are proud to once more put our solutions to rigorous tests and work on reshaping the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry with outstanding partners from around the world. It is exciting to be a part of the evolution Open RAN is causing in the telecommunications market.

The solution we proposed is a significant step towards capabilities of adjusting private 5G networks to specific use cases in industry 4.0 settings, featuring autonomous vehicles and robots, industrial processes and operations in dense networks.

Sławomir Pietrzyk, CEO of IS-Wireless

The company showcased its Near-RT RIC communicating with O-DU and O-CU via standard E2-interface. IS-Wireless delivered a fully virtual, containerized solution with RIC elements running as separate containers: RIC Main, KPM Service, KPM xAPP, RC Service, RC xAPP, and Autohealing. IS-Wireless KPM xApp was hosted on IS-Wireless RIC using IS-Wireless O-DU and O-CU and Benetel’s O-RU and Open 5GS 5GC. Standard COTS server with no additional requirements like special cards or hardware acceleration was used during the testing, which also served as a demonstration of a “network-in-the-box implementation”.

O-RAN Global PlugFest is a project dedicated for telecommunication market players associated with the O-RAN ALLIANCE to reshape the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry, specify and promote Open RAN networks. PlugFest’s goal is accelerating the maturity of products and solutions based on O-RAN specifications, and to verify and validate multi-vendor interoperability by mutual testing of Open RAN products of providers and manufacturers from around the globe.

About IS-Wireless

IS-Wireless develops and delivers 5G and 4G Radio Access Network (RAN) solutions. The company is engaged in multiple deployments worldwide including at hubraum – the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom, Digital Catapult in the UK or in Southeast Asia. IS-Wireless has been recognized as one of a few European Open RAN vendors by leading telco operators in their report “Building an Open RAN Ecosystem for Europe”. Member of the O-RAN Alliance.

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