Private 5G mobile networks

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Complete E2E European Open RAN

IS-Wireless develops and delivers 5G mobile networks in the Open RAN model. We specialize in 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) software and deliver O-CU, O-DU and RIC. Thanks to cooperation with multiple hardware partners we offer complete end to end mobile networks for both – private and massive rollouts. Proud member of the O-RAN Alliance. The product line is available under the brand Liquid RAN.

  • Savings of

    ~30 % CAPEX

    ~40 % OPEX

    when compared to “traditional” RAN deployment

  • No vendor lock-in and rich supplier ecosystem

    significantly lowering business risks such as dependency on a single supplier

  • Better security and scalability

    by use of independently managed network functions deployed when needed

The work we are doing with IS-Wireless is a perfect example of what can be achieved by companies that embrace O-RAN as a means of bringing combined solutions to market that leverage the unique capabilities of each participant

Lorcan Burke

Global Field CTO for Service Providers, VMware

Adtran have found IS-Wireless to be collaborative and supportive. We enjoy working with the team who are professional and consistent in their delivery.

Anthony Magee

Senior Director Global Business Development & Mobile Solution Strategy, Adtran

Benetel and IS-Wireless have been successfully collaborating on 5G over multiple years. We appreciate the professional and knowledgeable approach of the team.

Adrian O’Connor

CEO, Benetel

By working with IS-Wireless, FiduciaEdge will extend its offering into the realm of 5G O-RAN networking. In the long term, the strategic partnership between the two companies will provide a broad range of mobile communication services from private community networks and neutral hosting to secure end-to-end slicing.

Dr. John Zao

CTO and Founder, FiduciaEdge

We’re very pleased with the idea of entering cooperation with IS-Wireless. We trust that, by combining both companies’ strengths, we can achieve an even greater final product for our customers. In terms of Open RAN, we consider this cooperation to be the next step towards bringing more innovation and openness to the telecom industry.

Jacek Lonc

Head of the Telco Sales and Business Strategy Division, Comarch

I recommend the 5G Air Interface training to everyone who deals with the radio part of the NR network. The training is not only very detailed, but also in a form that activates the students – a very valuable course.

Marcin Konopko

Principal Protocol Engineer, Samsung

Highly granularized Network Function Virtualization

Decoupling happens also inside the software. Instead of virtual software monoliths we are using libraries of highly granularized Virtual Network Functions. Moreover, they can be engineered in semi-automatic mode.

  • Possibility to support any of the protocol splits

  • Ease of deployment on any computing resources including dedicated and shared ones

  • Significantly shorter time to market in new feature deployment

Radio Resource Management

Future networks will need to be much denser to meet the 1000x capacity requirement. It may mean the deployment of low-power Radio Units at every corner of the street and in every room. RRM algorithms run by RIC can handle interference in such situations. Moreover, they can manage QoS both in ultra-dense and in macro networks.

  • Constructive use of interference, radiation lowering, energy efficiency

  • Practical realization of ultra-dense and high capacity networks

  • Ultra-reliable and low-latency communications enabled by the RRM algorithms

Is-wireless Radio Resource Management 5g