Smart City

The modern city has a number of needs not known previously. Let us start with safety. This can be perceived as the ability to monitor what’s happening in the city, where remote surveillance is an application. Another example includes tracking goods (e.g., vehicles) during the process of waste collection where IoT (Internet-of-Thing) becomes the key element. Yet, another example is management of road traffic and simple but very important feature of collision avoidance (car-to-car, but also car-to-pedestrian). By adding communication intelligence into the existing infrastructure we can enable Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications possible.

The city may no longer be considered as a client to telco providers. The networks of the future will reuse a lot of existing physical infrastructure such as lampposts, kiosks, city lights, roads, etc. The contemporary city controls a lot of such assets and as such can play a role of a partner in the future value chain. IS-Wireless’ product portfolio including virtualized network software and low-cost hardware is made to serve the needs of municipalities and at the same time allow them to benefit from the fact of controlling the important infrastructure assets.