Flexible PHY experiments using Remote Radio and cloud processing Wishfull – 5th Open Call


Project overview

The Experiment was based on ISW’s newly developed LTE PHY Lab SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Our work was mainly dedicated to implement the cloud-based solution enabling remote LTE/LTE-A modeling and hardware-in-the-loop SDR experimentation.

Role of IS-wireless

Exercising the LTE PHY Lab SaaS as a whole.

Main contributions

  1. LTE/LTE-A PHY modeling and hardware-in-the-loop experimentation was developed and exploited
  2. Multiple scenarios have been implemented, deployed and analyzed, including: single eNB transmitter, single UE receiver, hardware-in-the-loop scenarios for LTE downlink transmission in single-cell and multi-cell environments
  3. The performed test scenarios allowed to validate LTE PHY Lab SaaS in the environment composed of multiple users requesting advanced and simultaneous signal processing