QoS and Charging in LTE

Subject: 4G LTE
Category: Core
Duration: 1 day

Course outline:

Introduction to Evolved Packet System (EPS)

● Evolution steps of the 3GPP systems, the goals for LTE
● LTE bandwidths, bit rates and UE categories
● Summary of radio access techniques

EPS Network Architecture and Interfaces

● E-UTRA and Evolved Packet Core network architecture
● Nodes: UE, eNB, SGW, MME, PGW, PCRF
● Interfaces: Uu, X2, S1, S11, S5, Gx, S6a, SGi, Rx
● IP connectivity, user plane and control plane

Quality of Service in LTE

● Bearer architecture including EPS bearer and end-to-end service
● Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Bit Rate Bearer
● QoS Classes and QoS Class Identifier
● Allocation and Retention Priority
● Bit Rate limitations
● Bearer setup, service data flows and traffic flow templates

Policy and Charging Control in EPS and IMS

● IP Connectivity Access Networks (IP-CANs) relation to PCC
● IP-CAN bearer establishment procedure
● IMS based charging principles (PCC rules and high level PCC operation)
● PCC nodes and functions (PCRF, PCEF, AF and SPR)
● QoS handling and authorization (filtering of user data and gating)
● QoS parameter mapping and management functions
● User plane handling in the PCEF
● Charging architecture (including CDR)
● Online, offline and roaming charging

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