LTE SON Fundamentals

Subject: LTE-A and 5G
Category: Emerging Techniques
Duration: 1 day

Course outline:

LTE and SON Introduction

● Features of LTE Releases and main radio parameters
● LTE / LTE-Advanced network architecture (UE, eNB, HeNB, RN, MME, S-GW, P-GW, HSS, etc.)
● Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) in the context of SON
● SON concept and background (SON drivers, expected benefits and challenges)
● SON areas (self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing)

LTE Self-Configuration (S-Conf)

● Self-Configuration within SON lifecycle
● eNB auto-connectivity and security setup
● Dynamic Radio Configuration (DRC)
● Auto configuration of Physical Cell Id (PCI)
● Automatic Neighbor Relation Function (ANRF)

LTE Self-Optimization (S-Opt)

● Self-Optimization versus RRM (large and small scale resource management)
● Coverage and Capacity Optimization (CCO)
● Energy Saving Management (ESM)
● 3GPP support for self-optimization (X2 interface, procedures and messages, UE reports for self-optimization)

LTE Self-Healing (S-Heal)

● Automatic network failure detection, diagnostics and recovery
● Cell degradation detection (anomaly detection, performance metrics
● Cell degradation diagnosis (root cause finding)
● Cell outage compensation
● 3GPP use cases for S-Heal

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