LTE Essentials

Subject: 4G LTE
Category: General
Duration: 1 day

Course outline:

Introduction to LTE

● 2G to 4G radio and core network evolutions (GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and LTE Advanced)
● 3GPP requirements imposed on LTE (throughputs, network capacity, delays)
● Spectrum bands, bandwidths, system parameters and mobile terminal capabilities
● IMT-Advanced requirements for 4G system

LTE System Overview

● LTE network elements: terminals (mobile phone, laptop, PC), access network, core network and IMS
● IP in the network: All IP and always-on concepts
● QoS concept and parameters
● Security in the LTE network (IPsec and LTE security)
● Common IP intersystem part: IMS and its relation to IP-CANs
● Radio access network technologies (OFDMA, MIMO, spectrum flexibility)

LTE Practical Aspects

● LTE performance requirements
● Practically achievable LTE performance (range, coverage, throughputs, number of users)
● Current status of LTE trials and commercial deployments
● Current status of spectrum auctions
● Possible LTE deployment scenarios
● Available handsets and possible evolution

LTE Services

● Potential 4G services
● Flexibly policy and charging options for operators
● SMS and 2G/3G voice in LTE (problems and solutions)
● Packet services: MBMS (mobile TV), internet access, VoD, online gaming, location services
● LTE as competition for fixed networks

LTE Network versus Other Networks

● Network migration possibilities from 2G/3G to LTE
● LTE interworking with UMTS/GSM and WiMAX/WiFi
● LTE international roaming
● LTE compared to WiMAX
● Evolution of LTE towards 4G system (LTE advanced – features, differences, possibilities)

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