LTE Core in One Day

Subject: 4G LTE
Category: Core
Duration: 1 day

Course outline:

Introduction to EPS

● Evolution steps of the 3GPP systems, the goals for LTE/SAE
● Current status of the EPS standardization process

EPS Network Architecture

● IP in the Core Network
● Nodes and their roles: UE, eNB, SGW, MME, PGW, PCRF, HSS
● Interfaces: Uu, X2, S1, S11, S5, Gx, S6a, SGi, Rx
● Overview of EPC protocols: GTP, X2AP, S1-AP, S1-MME, GTP, Diameter
● IP connectivity, user plane and control plane
● Access Stratum signaling and Non-Access Stratum signaling

Evolved Packet Core Protocols

● NAS protocols (EMM and ESM)
● EMM, ECM and RRC states and state transitions
● Subscriber identities and their relations (IMEI, IMSI, GUTI, S-TMSI, RNTIs)
● Control plane EPC protocols: S1-AP and GTP-C over SCTP
● User plane EPC protocols: GTP-U over UDP
● S1 Application Protocol (S1AP) procedures
● Main GTP procedures in EPS
● The GTP version 2 protocol (eGTP)
● General message headers

Evolved Packet Core Procedures

● Mobility management (Tracking Area Update)
● MMEs in the Pool (pool area, MME selection and addressing, load balancing, overload control)
● Network Attach and Detach
● Session establishment and control (call establishment procedure)
● QoS related procedures (default and dedicated bearer, QoS Parameters, PDN Connectivity

Request and EPS Bearer Establishment

● User data transfer (GTP tunneling concept, tunnel establishment)
● Service request procedure (UE- and network-triggered)

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