Experimental framework for research and education on 4G and 5G

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As an outcome of numerous R&D projects, IS-Wireless has developed a broad range of software libraries, including simulation software, real-time protocol stacks and a number of exemplary use cases. Simulation software runs on Matlab or Octave. Real-time protocol stacks are based on open-source solutions and include a fully operational aLTE UE and aLTE eNB together with HSS and EPC. Exemplary use cases include practical laboratory exercises for students and lecture materials.

Figure 1: Simulation software: LTE PHY Lab – E-UTRA PHY golden reference (Rel. 8, 9, 10). LTE MAC Lab – HetNet system-level simulator

Figure 2: Real-time protocol stacks. aLTE eNB – complete LTE Rel.8 eNB based on open source including HSS/EPC. aLTE UE – complete LTE Rel.8 UE based on open-source.

Researchers can use our simulators to set up a 3GPP-based simulation framework and obtain faster scientific results. Engineers can deploy a PC-based LTE eNB in order to generate real-time signals and work with commercial UEs. Designers can use open source implementation as a reference. Academic teachers can run predefined laboratory classes in order to provide students with hands-on experience during their courses.