VNF Composition Framework

VNF Composition Framework (VCF) is a toolbox providing a set of generic micro-services, necessary for composition of complex NF-based interconnected software packages. It delivers the missing substrate allowing wireless system composed of NFs to operate inside virtualized infrastructure (like e.g. OpenStack). Thanks to the VCF it becomes feasible to apply universal means of management and operation of NFs, especially in virtualized environment. VCF provides universal API for managing various NFs and deliver elastic, adjustable wireless radio stack. With VCF it becomes possible not only to implement the radio stack according to programmable (SD) paradigm but also the resulting base stations (eNB) or access points (AP) may actually be adjusted to become ORAN compliant. VCF in connection with RAN-Controller and the 3GPP stack, enables true SD-RAN operation of future mobile networks. Whether carrier grade, dedicated (i.e. private LTE) or experimental.

Figure IS-Wireless’ VNF Composition Framework

It’s plug-and-play components are themselves realized as network functions. They create a software abstraction and management foundation meant to extend functionalities of the operating system and enable easy communication with various VNFM/MANO vendors. The framework directly enables RAN modularization and execution either on physical or virtual resources. It is also responsible for the ability for seamless integration, extension and upgrades. VCF’s own modularity, reusability and open, well-defined APIs adds great value to services provided by the RAN