3GPP Stack

3GPP Stack is a set of independent Network Functions, which implement 3GPP-compliant RAN protocols namely: RRC, PDCP, RLC, MAC, see Figure. They can run together or independently and can be deployed on either physical  (e.g. small cell) or virtual resources (e.g. SD-RAN). For the PHY layer we assume two alternative functional splits option 6 (MAC-PHY) and 7.2 (PHY High – PHY Low) for our interface towards RRH.

Figure IS-Wireless’ 3GPP Stack.

The stack version that IS-Wireless offers covers the 4G, 5G and WiFi protocols. This way we can support efficient management of resources also between network technologies (i.e. multi-RAT). In combination with the RAN-Controller our customers get programmable cellular network, which can be deployed, as dedicated network or become part of the existing network infrastructure. The 3GPP stack provided by IS-Wireless can be customized and easily linked with external systems (OSS, BSS) but also with external optimization frameworks (AI, Big Data, etc). With the full featured 3GPP stack it is possible to define programmatic hooks and statistic collection probes in virtually unlimited ways. Hence the IS-Wireless stack lends itself well to the SON and network automation and optimization concepts.

3GPP Stack offered has the following features:

  • 3GPP compliance (selected features following Rel.15)
  • Full modularity and compatibility with the VCF framework
  • cloud/virtual-RAN ready
  • can be deployed as virtual/physical network function (sW/HW ready)
  • offers interfaces towards RAN-controller (i.e. SDN ready)
  • compatible with FAPI interface (4G)
  • can be deployed on various SDRs, hosting the PHY layer as well as platforms with general purpose CPU
  • can be managed by MANO when deployed on a VM