IS-Wireless is proud to launch aLTErnative – a revolutionary subscription service providing access to the latest open source LTE protocol stacks. aLTErnative removes the pain of typically tedious process of protocol stack installation and configuration, thanks to which a customer saves a lot of time. Additionally, IS-Wireless provides professional technical support to help customers use the software during its operation and answer questions on LTE/4G/5G. 

We are again the first on the market in introducing an innovative service or product. The first supported open source software is LTE eNB protocol stack. As a company we’ve got all what’s needed here: vast experience in implementing and running complex telecom software, forward-looking research projects on 5G and great knowledge repository on advanced telecoms. I am sure the new service will be of great help to all engineers working with LTE”. – Dr. Slawomir Pietrzyk, CEO at IS-Wireless

If you are interested in aLTErnative, please visit the product’s site and fill-out the questionnaire. The first 30 confirmed signers will receive a 1-month FREE subscription!

aLTErnative will be promoted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 22nd – 25th February. If you would like to learn more and arrange a meeting with Dr. Slawomir Pietrzyk please contact us at [email protected]