gNodeB is a 3GPP-compliant implementation of the 5G-NR base station. It consists of independent Network Functions, which implement 3GPP-compliant NR RAN protocols namely: PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, SDAP, RRC, NRAP see Figure below. They can run together or independently and can be deployed on either physical  (e.g. a small cell chipset) or virtual resources (e.g. dedicated COTS server or shared cloud resources).

Figure gNodeB 3GPP protocol stack Control Plane.

Figure 1. gNodeB 3GPP protocol stack for Control Plane.

Figure gNodeB 3GPP protocol stack User Plane

Figure 2. gNodeB 3GPP protocol stack for User Plane.


The gNodeB stack that IS-Wireless offers covers the 5G NR protocols defined by 3GPP. Features set can be customized to meet customer needs.

The software is implemented in a manner that enables any protocol stack cutting option defined by 3GPP. Examples of stack cuts in gNodeB, options 7 (between RU and DU) and 2 (between DU and CU), are presented in the pictures.


Figure stack cuts gNodeB

Virtualization Component (VC) directly enables gNodeB modularization and execution either on physical or virtual resources. It is also responsible for the ability for seamless integration, extension and upgrades. VC’s own modularity, reusability and open, well-defined APIs adds great value to services provided by the RAN.