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Extremely high capacity

The target of 1000x capacity improvement for 5G networks requires taking a completely new approach in RAN architecture. This includes massive use of very small (and hence cheap and low-power) remote Radio Heads to assure high spectral efficiency [bit/s/Hz/m2] and advanced methods for radio resource management (RRM)

Low cost of GB transfer

Future networks will provide more capacity at a lower cost. This however cannot be done with existing business models. Therefore we strive to significantly reduce the cost of delivering [GB] of data over RAN by proposing efficient models of network software licensing and using commercial off-the-shelf hardware (COTS).

Flexible deployment

Part of the problem with contemporary cellular networks is that they are slowly deployable because they require new infrastructure to be added. Our solution will solve it by reusing existing infrastructure (e.g., Ethernet cabling for fronthaul). Moreover, Radio Heads will transmit at a very low power levels making the permissions not needed.

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