website: http://www.5gnow.eu

5GNOW stands for 5th Generation Non-Orthogonal Waveforms for Asynchronous Signalling. It is EU 7th Framework Program project with a budget of 3 526 991 EUR and a consortium consisting of the following partners: IS-Wireless, HHI Fraunhofer, Alcatel-Lucent, CEA-Leti, National Instruments, TUDresden.

5GNOW questions the design targets of LTE and LTE-Advanced such as strict synchronism and orthogonality. 5GNOW develops new PHY and MAC layer concepts being better suited to meet the upcoming needs with respect to service variety and heterogeneous transmission setups.
Within 5GNOW, IS-Wireless is responsible for MAC layer design and system-level simulations.

Project Deliverables

  • D1.6 5GNOW White Paper – Download
  • D2.1 5G Cellular Communications Scenarios and System Requirements – Download
  • D2.2 Consistent 5G Radio Access Architecture Concepts – Download
  • D3.1 5G Waveform Candidate Selection – Download
  • D3.2 5G Waveform Candidate Selection part 2 – Download
  • D3.3 Final 5GNOW Transceiver and frame structure concept – Download
  • D4.1 Intermediate MAC Concept – Download
  • D4.2 Final MAC/Networking Concepts – Download
  • D5.1 Initial Demonstrator Concept – Download
  • D5.2 Final Assessment of Demonstrator Concept and Implementation – Download


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