5G Experimental Toolset is a unique framework for research and development on 5G and 4G, Figure 1. As depicted in Figure 2, It includes carefully chosen software and hardware interoperating modules. They can be used to setup real-time operating Base Stations (eNBs) or User Terminals (UEs), as shown in Figure 3 or to model either link-level performance of downlink and uplink transmission or system-level behaviour of RAN, as shown in Figure 4. Moreover, academic teachers will find there a set of laboratory classes ready to be deployed from day one in their educational curricula. Last, but not least, 5G Toolset includes a set of optional services such as operation and maintenance (O&M) and customization. Many components are free or open-source to make the framework truly available for anyone and hence to further popularize research on 5G.


link-level simulations

  • waveform generation and analysis
  • providing reference signals
  • radio frame generation and analysis
  • hardware in the loop testing (record and playback)

system-level simulations

  • channel and traffic modelling
  • evaluation of scheduling algorithms
  • system-level benchmarking of network quality

real time UE / eNB operation

  • deployment of eNB or UE “in-a-box”
  • experimentation with open-source protocol stacks
  • testing and verification of own algorithms in a running modem

education on 4G and 5G

  • delivering practical laboratory classes to graduate students
  • explaining complex systems in an attractive way
  • attracting and engaging more students to engineering curriculum

Technical specification summary

Feature Description
Complete solution Complete software and hardware suite for experimentation (demonstration and prototyping) and education on new waveforms, algorithms and protocols for 4G and 5G base station and terminal
Modularity Modularity allows to tailor the final solution to the customer needs. This is reinforced by providing affordable licensing models including free and open source components
Simulation software (LTE PHY Lab, LTE MAC Lab) Software libraries working under Matlab environment. LTE PHY Lab and LTE MAC Lab can work together or independently
Real-time embedded software (aLTErnative UE, aLTErnative eNB) Software libraries enabling efficient use of third-party open source UE or eNB stacks.
SDR Hardware SDR hardware elements provided by our partners.
University Suite labs for education Text scripts including theory and exercises combined with pre-defined scripts running on Software and/or hardware components. All available to run complete laboratory classes for graduate students.
Unrivalled support services Optional services such as Operation and Maintenance as well as Customization.