5G Experimental Toolset is a unique framework for research and education on 4G and 5G wireless systems, Figure 1. It consists of software, hardware, labs and lecture materials, as shown in Figure 2. Software is the key part of 5G Toolset and it includes simulation software, shown in Figure 3 and real-time protocol stacks, shown in Figure 4. Simulation software runs on Matlab or Octave. Real-time protocol stacks are based on open-source solutions and include a fully operational aLTE UE and aLTE eNB together with HSS and EPC. Hardware is a set of affordable SDR boards provided by our partners and used as RF front-ends for simulators or stacks. Labs are practical laboratory exercises for students. Finally, lecture materials are rich in content and customizable courses covering the broad area of wireless.

5G Toolset is designed for a wide set of customers. Researchers can use it to set up a 3GPP-based simulation framework and obtain faster scientific results. Engineers can deploy a PC-based LTE eNB in order to generate real-time signals and work with commercial UEs. Designers can use open source implementation as reference for their own. Academic teachers can run predefined laboratory classes in order to provide students with hands-on experience during their courses.

Figure 1. 4G/5G experimental environment.

Figure 2. 5G Toolset components.

Figure 3. 5G Toolset: Software, simulators.
LTE PHY Lab – E-UTRA PHY golden reference (Rel. 8, 9, 10).
LTE MAC Lab – HetNet system-level simulator.

Figure 4. 5G Toolset: Software, real-time protocol stacks.
aLTE eNB – complete LTE Rel.8 eNB based on open source including HSS/EPC.
aLTE UE – complete LTE Rel.8 UE based on open-source.

Applications / use cases

link-level simulations

  • waveform generation and analysis
  • providing reference signals
  • radio frame generation and analysis
  • hardware in the loop testing (record and playback)

system-level simulations

  • channel and traffic modelling
  • evaluation of scheduling algorithms
  • system-level benchmarking of network quality

real time UE / eNB operation

  • deployment of eNB or UE “in-a-box”
  • experimentation with open-source protocol stacks
  • testing and verification of own algorithms in a running modem

education on 4G and 5G

  • delivering practical laboratory classes to graduate students
  • explaining complex systems in an attractive way
  • attracting and engaging more students to engineering curriculum

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Technical specification summary

Feature Description
Complete solution Complete software and hardware suite for experimentation (demonstration and prototyping) and education on new waveforms, algorithms and protocols for 4G and 5G base station and terminal.
Modularity Modularity allows to tailor the final solution to the customer needs. This is reinforced by providing affordable licensing models including free and open source components.
Simulation software (LTE PHY Lab, LTE MAC Lab) Software libraries working under Matlab environment. LTE PHY Lab and LTE MAC Lab can work together or independently.
Real-time embedded software (aLTE UE, aLTE eNB) Easy-to-use LTE UE or eNB based on open-source solutions.
SDR Hardware SDR hardware elements provided by our partners.
Labs Text scripts including theory and exercises combined with pre-defined scripts running on Software and/or hardware components. All available to run complete laboratory classes for graduate students.
Lecture materials Customizable slides that can be used during lectures or labs.

5G Toolset