aLTErnative eNB is a revolutionary subscription service for Ubuntu Linux operating system providing access to the latest open source LTE protocol stacks complemented with customer-oriented technical support. With aLTErnative eNB you no longer need to think in terms of costly license purchase nor fear working with bare open-source software.

Under the service we will install and configure your open source LTE stack and make sure it will be seamlessly running on recommended hardware. Moreover, you get access to our technical support in order to solve both IT and telecom issues related to stack operation.


Service is designed for your comfort with the target that you save your time and money and hence can focus on your business. aLTEnative eNB is an optimal solution for all R&D engineers and educators working on development or knowledge creation of LTE/4G/5G wireless access systems.


We also offer aLTErnative UE supporting open-source UE protocol stack (aLTErnative UE)

Key features and benefits

Key Features Advantages Benefits
Open source protocol stack Access to all eNB functionalities Freedom to modify, adapt and deploy
Configurator Easy installation and configuration Saves a lot of time, all-in-one solution
Professional O&M Instant access to supporting professionals You can concentrate on your added value and not on system operation

Technical specification summary

LTE eNB features:

  • Based on open source LTE stack
  • Basic Rel. 8 compatibility
  • Sensible defaults for novice users
  • Advanced eNB customization options for power users
  • Supports Category 1 UEs
  • Uses USRP SDR as frontend

EPC features (core network):

  • Based on open source LTE stack
  • Basic EPC + HSS functionality
  • Runs on the same PC as LTE eNB – all-in-one package

Subscription features (installer / configurator + service):

  • Automated installation of LTE stack and all its dependencies
    • Obtaining the source code
    • Environment setup
    • LTE stack build
  • Powerful management tools:
    • Configurable user profiles
    • Easy to use text-based UI for Linux novices
    • Full control through command line for Linux power users
    • LTE stack setup from one central place
  • LTE stack control frontend

Hardware requirements:

  • Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • USB 3.0
  • USRP B200/B210

Software requirements:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x86_64 OS


Application Benefit Who can benefit?
R&D aLTErnative eNB serves as an embedded real-time operating platform suitable for research on eNB-related functionalities Research Institute, ODM, OEM, Operator
Education aLTErnative eNB provides great platform for teaching and experimentation on 4G and 5G Universities, training companies
Demonstration aLTErnative eNB can be used to demonstrate operation of LTE infrastructure in a mini laboratory environment Research Institute, ODM, OEM, Operator
Base station development aLTErnative eNB shortens significantly development time of a small cell base station ODM, OEM, Research Institute


Debian package (*.deb file) compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x86_64 operating system. The package installs executable binaries for LTE stack management, libraries required by the binaries and shell scripts for easy LTE stack installation.

aLTErnative eNB Box